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Originally Posted by Arturia Polaris View Post
EDIT: I can kind of relate with Yuuta being overly cautious with the love letter... I had something like that happen to me. Once it happens you won't stop looking behind your back with these things
I kinda had the same sentiment about love letters - though I sure can't remember if I had such a thing as a chuunibyou back then. I played along for the hell of it and also to casually turn the table on them, because at that time I've known better - or maybe I overdid it

Anyway, for the episode, for some reason I felt it was really satisfying to see Yuuta giving Shinka a knock on the head. I don't know, maybe it's part of me wanting to see main characters be the straight man even if the one he's giving a knock is an implied love interest and someone the MC would rather not say anything even if he knows she is doing things that irk him.
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