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Originally Posted by Vladrave View Post
lol can't argue about takeru. I think he is much more suited as battousai than Kenshin.(Yeah, i know they are the same person but whatever i'm trying to make a point here xD)
i know what you mean. kenshin in battousai mode is stiff, expressionless and emo. takeru's typical acting is very similar to that. lol but takeru can't pull off kenshin in his usual cheery and cute self. i can probably think of other actors who could do both sides of kenshin's personality, it's just too bad they went with takeru. i heard he's quite popular in japan so maybe that's partly the reason why they chose him. he's also quite famous in my country judging from the amount of fangirls who screamed, gushed and giggled every time he appeared onscreen.
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