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Ruby Princess
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A few suggestions

These are things that I believe would make AnimeSuki better.

1. A good addition to AnimeSuki would be private posts. These are different from Visitor Messages or Private Messages; I mean making posts on a forum thread that only you, or a handful you select, can see.

2. Instant modship for anyone who reaches 1,000 reputation points. If you can gain the adoration of AnimeSuki's populace, then you deserve to be able to serve them as well.

3. Images that can bind themselves to the user's framework.

4. Polls that are more interactive and have special new features. Let's take a 'Favorite Character' poll, for instance, where you can choose up to five favorites. If you select only one or two characters, you get one reputation point because you showed restraint and thus your vote means more. If you select three or more characters you don't get any reputation. Just to use one example.
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