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Thank you very much for your suggestions, but I'm just not sure if some of these are possible, let alone beneficial (which is always debatable).

1. I think the best way to have that sort of Private Post is through a Social Group (where you can restrict who is given membership). Having posts within a public thread that some people can see and others can't seems rather problematic. (When someone who sees it responds, will that post be visible or not...?) I think Social Groups are a better solution for semi-private conversations.

2. Having lots of reputation points doesn't mean you're truly adored, plus there's no guarantee that you'd have the qualities to make a good moderator. Having any sort of real "power" be associated with rep will just mean that people will take it that much more seriously and will try to find all sorts of ways to abuse the system. I've pointed out before that rep is often not given for objectively good reasons in the first place. I think this would definitely end poorly.

3. I have to admit that I'm not exactly sure what you mean by images that can "bind themselves to the user's framework". Do you mean, like, being able to customize the user's profile pages with images? Not too sure about this. There are limits to what vBulletin allows you to do.

4. Right now we're more or less constrained by the poll functionality of vBulletin (the third-party software we use). Having this sort of advanced logic that integrates with rep would not be very easy for us to program, and I'm honestly not too sure if you want to mix polls and reputation (which is user-to-user).

Keep in mind that we don't write the Forum software, and there are no paid staff on this site who could work on programming or whatever else. (Anything that does get done is in the staff's spare time.) So while it might be neat to have all sorts of advanced functionality, I'm not sure that it's very realistic given the resources at our disposal.
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