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I actually agree with your ideas, Mentar, except I'd like to add the stipulation that licensing and registration of firearms should either be free or no more expensive than obtaining a driver's license. If you don't ensure this, it'll just wind up being yet another discriminatory measure against those who are not wealthy. Already the rich can basically ignore existing gun laws and do whatever they want. I'd prefer not making it worse.

Also, if an unlicensed individual is found in possession of a stolen weapon that was promptly reported, the stolen item should be returned to its owner and not destroyed (after the process of justice is complete, of course). There's enough of that crap already where the police either destroys or just keeps stuff that people stole instead of returning them to their rightful owners. A gun owner shouldn't be penalized for being victimized, especially if they immediately report the missing weapon(s) and all of its identifying characteristics to the police.
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