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Originally Posted by ganbaru View Post
The ''good guy with a gun'' is more like a last resort option at best. If the good guy is at that moment far from the action, he can't do much. If the bad guy take care of shooting the good guy at the start his presence would had been meaninless. If the good guy don't manage to shoot the bad guy with his first shoot, his the strat bullets might injure or kills bystander than we was supposed be protecting.
It's dangerous and could escalate.

I mean if a guy shows up and starts shooting, then the teachers "could" retaliate with their guns but then you end up with a shooting spree. If I recall correctly these "bad guys" come armed not with guns but lots of ammo AND bullet proof vests and they are prepared. A teacher would just be armed with a regular handgun and it'd be a spur of the moment. How does the math teacher across the school know what the English teacher whose engaged with the shooter doing?

Plus when the cops show up how do cops know whose the bad guy? They rush in with guns drawn and they see an adult with a gun who could mistakingly point it at them or they think from their angle that it's pointed at a child and they end up shooting him/her?

As for armed guards...I'm not sure but in schools since 2000 we always had police officers around and one "designated resource officer" who patrolled the halls and at times gave lectures about safety. Honestly I don't see an issue with having a guy around but there's more to the problem than just placing a guard at each school.
"Smart guns" show promise, but not readily available on U.S. market

How many school massacres could had avoided if some teens or young adults wouldn't have been able to use their parents weapon to do their deed ?
Only problem though is that the mother was killed before he ran off with the guns. He could easily have killed her, then removed the chip and kept it close when he runs off with the guns.
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