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Forgot I saw this on the plane to Japan and really enjoyed it. Thought the casting of Saitou, Megumi, Kaoru, and especially Kenshin was spot on.

I wasn't as keen on how they introduced Sano & Yahiko. Obviously they are important characters but I don't think anyone new to the franchise would realize this.

And although I was sorry to lose Aoshi, I think they tied the first arc into a cohesive narrative pretty well.

That being said while I enjoyed the movie as a fan, I made my friend (unfamiliar with Kenshin) watch the movie and he said the only thing he got out of it was "killing is bad". I thought that was simplifying it but then my friend said I just thought this because I am familiar with the series. So that made me think maybe it's not good for someone new to the series. Of course this is just one non-fan perspective.

But as someone who is a long time Kenshin fan I really enjoyed it.
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