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Originally Posted by MeisterBabylon View Post
Goddamit I'm late to the party.

But Sunder, you, with Faker plans, HOW DARE YOU. ()

I thought any and all Unlimited Blade Works clones were my crack and mine alone!! ()

And yes Faker was the early translation of F/SN's infamous title of Tracer.
I thought UBW is unlimited blades...unlimited number of blades. Faker can only assume one appearance at a time..which is still OP enough.

Originally Posted by Orange Duke View Post
Magnesium Drake would have had to be one of the participants of the first Chrome Disaster hunt in order to contract the Disaster. Not 100% sure but I think the infection occurred immediately after the first died, so with a bit of tweaking you can put Duke into your fanfiction and still have it canon.

The backstory behind Duke and Grande is that both avatars used to go hunt for Enemies rather frequently together. When you consider the fact that Grande got most of his points from Enemy hunting, whereas Duke had access to duels, both their levels would at least be the same.
As far as I planned, Magnesium Drake is settled already. Want some spoilers?

Spoiler for Magnesium Drake (fanfic context):

I'm fine with adjusting Duke's level to 5, or perhaps I'll just postpone his fight to later...Level 1 vs 5 has not quite happened before and I don't know how bad the level 1 gets beaten.

[CP vs KYH doesn't count, he was level 4 and balanced out his character, while KYH is as unbalanced as possible.]

Edit: to reply to Meister Babylon's edit:

IF FFT means FanFicwriTer, I couldn't agree more. I've seen Diamond Knight, Platinum Priestess, Platinum (again) Sword, Violet Night (nearly pure purple), Red Hero, et cetera ad infinitum. But the opponents..are lame. Olive Driver. Mint Duster with shield and sword, wtf? Oxide Rain. and..I don't even know what to say.
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