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Originally Posted by tusjecht View Post
Okay, now we're on the same page here. I write from the belief that:

-Beast has existed within the armour and is aware of that

-Beast talks to the wearer, trying to assess the compatibility of the wearer with the armour. IIRC, Argon Array said special complexes bring about metal avatars, and the idea of having one's desires and fears made into a protective shell makes them vulnerable to Beast: it can talk the user into embracing its power to achieve what they want.

-And on the flip side, if the wearer and armour aren't compatible for any reason, then the wearer is less likely to completely use the armour's full potential. Also,m the armour passively looks out for new wearers to infect.
Thing is, it is just as likely that the Disaster was formed at the moment of Chrome Disaster's death. The pent-up anger and hatred from being done in would definitely have been enough to fuel something as game-mechanics-breaking as fusing two armaments together. Beast is the entity that overtakes the avatar, and its purpose is to make said avatar wear the armour so that it can assume control. It spoke to subsequent Disasters because they knew what they were getting themselves into after seeing the second. Now, since nobody in the party would have been aware of Beast after the hunt, Beast wouldn't have had to do anything but to wait for someone to loot the Disaster and equip it.
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