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Originally Posted by ganbaru View Post
Obama urges graduates to blunt special interests by getting involved
True, the more people that are involved, the less power special interests have...and the better off we are. Unfortunately, half of the population is still asleep and oblivious to what is going on (and it will stay that way until more states fall like California, where people have just started to pay attention, sorta).

Originally Posted by Ledgem View Post
I'm really surprised. The guy exhibited poor judgment and poor behavior, and he might win - he's doing well enough to likely win? Was his opponent that bad, are South Carolina voters that forgiving, or do people just have really, really short memories?
In a lot of Southern states, people would rather vote for a criminal than ever vote for a Democrat (historically it was the other way around, but, you know, Civil Rights and all that..) The good' ol boy voters will vote for anyone who puts up the allusion of being a good moral Republican no matter how much obvious BS it is.

(See; David Vitter, Newt Gingrich, Scott DesJarlais...)
Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
Politicians and morality do not mix.

But hey! Better an adulterer and a liar then someone that commits the crime of supporting abortion that kills many lives. Remember, pro-choicers are now worse than Hitler. And also, he's white, so he's less likely to steal from people.
And...yeah, this is where Scott DesJarlais comes in;

You don't even have to believe the shit you say to get elected. Ahh, GOP morality....yeaaaaah, right.

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