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Originally Posted by wingdarkness
PROVIDENCE JR. was just that, a junior...It had some cool abilities but never lived up to it's father-suit and even the name of the suit is suspect...I mean LEGEND WTF?!?!It actually looked cooler with the Excaliber sword than the rifle (which is overkill city for a mech with that many beam blasters)...The pilot was just not that great and got excersized by Moses before the first stone was thrown...Really a dissapointing suit, it would have been nice though to see Athrun use 1 percent of his $hit-filled brain in GSD and steal it while pretending to be preparing it rather than in a room tear-jerking...I wonder how he would have handled a suit so vastly different than anything else he ever piloted?? I think Rau proved more in one half episode than Rey did the last 10 in LEGEND which still didn't show it was on par with it's daddy-o...
hahah i totaly agree, why the fuck would athrun NOT steal the legend or destiny instead he takes a gouf? couldnt he have just like pretended to go lift off with shin and just flyy away lol, personally me and my friend discussed this a longg while ago when destiny was still airing its episodes, i came to the conclusion that it would have been cool if legend had palm cannons too, like when it flys around up to a destroy or osmething, plus it could use a beam sword or something
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