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Originally Posted by TheFluff View Post
perl > shell
Amen to that!

Really dumb, probably very buggy and requires cksfv (apt-get install cksfv, what are you waiting for?) since AFAIK Digest::CRC32 is written in pure Perl and therefore slow. But it does what you asked for.
I use the crc32 program that comes with the package "libarchive-zip-perl" (also a Debian, though in my case, Ubuntu) pacakge, it it's not TOO bad. In fact, it runs really snappy on my Duron 1600 fileserver.

I'll have to muck with it. If there are any issues, I'll just grok the Camel, perhaps give you some diffs of what I've done.

Rewriting the program to use fsum on Windows is left as an exercise to the reader.
Pass. ;)

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