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Actually, I think that Ranka does have an inferiority complex. It reared its head at the end of episode 4. The only thing at the end that keeps her going is Alto and any perceived encouragement from Sheryl. Now if Sheryl and Alto do anything that is perceived by Ranka as a betrayal, then Ranka will prob lose that confidence because I don't see her as the type that would want to crush the competition which is the usual female response.
It wouldn't surprise me if at the end of the series Ranka ends up being the stronger one when you compare her to Sheryl. I'm sure she will get over her inferiority complex and insecurities while Sheryl goes through a downward spiral and becomes emotionally dependent on Alto. You can say her Dimaond Crevesse lyrics come to pass...

Btw orion to go back to some of your comments in the Sheryl thread... did you have a look at the viewer demographics for episode 2 of Macross Frontier? Not much in the 13-15 crowd watching...
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