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Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
Btw orion to go back to some of your comments in the Sheryl thread... did you have a look at the viewer demographics for episode 2 of Macross Frontier? Not much in the 13-15 crowd watching...
At that time of the morning, I would hope not unless they use Tivo. Anime is considered an advertisement for the other stuff like manga, CDs, models, Pizza Hut pizza etc which would be for that age group. The producers are paying the stations for the privilege to broadcast there after all.

You also have to remember the moe crowd which buys DVDs would be rooting for Ranka. Hmm... that may be why she was dressed up similar to that Minmei model I saw in the merchandise thread.

Originally Posted by herbert View Post
I wonder if you have read this. I am fine with Westlo's posts, even though I really dislike some of them. I am only not fine with that guy's that post.

I'd think that it's okay to think that way but put it in the Sheryl thread.

I'm sure there will probably be more sentiments in that direction next week. Just remember it's only anime.
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