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Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
When have I been anti Sheryl Herbert?

I hope Kawamori won't pander to the moe crowd for the final pairing. Macross is going to sell anyway...
Yes, you are an ardent Sheryl fan who gets ticked off whenever I mention age.

Pandering to the moe crowd has already started. Klan Klein is a very good example of the pandering. She is the first Meltlandi warrior loli in Macross history. Ranka's Miss Macross Frontier outfit is another example. Too bad I can't afford that Minmei model in the merchandise thread.

Since they need those moe lovers yen, I expect more pandering to come. This is an expensive title after all.

Only time will tell who the final couples are.

So I'm back to Ranka cheering.


It's pretty obvious that Ranka is going to take up singing. Her seiyuu was chosen via a publicized audition that involved singing.

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