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Originally Posted by orion View Post
That's probably because people remember "A Star is Born" in any of its incarnations and see Sheryl as the star about ready to fall as Ranka rises in fame.

Sheryl does exhibit some risky behavior like believing she has perfect luck and that she has no barriers possibly without acknowledging why showing her arrogant side. She is about to cause a ripple in a relationship over a missing earring which means she's a little on the selfish and inconsiderate side. She thinks herself as invincible and encourages Ranka to follow in her footsteps without thinking that Ranka could possibly unseat her which is the normal cycle. Again, that's pretty arrogant.

Sheryl is the perfect setup for a fall.
I guess you got what I said wrong. I don't mind about the 'falling' part, and I can agree with Westlo there is a good chance to give her character development. What I dislike is how Westlo predicts the falling affects her. Over-protective I am maybe, I just can't imagine Sheryl mentally breakdown because of something this small. Sure, she may get a hard hit on self-esteem but I don't think it's enough to beat her down. It's more like giving her a drive to take another step up.

By the way, my favourite manga character is June May of Cloth Road. If you have read vol 4 of Cloth Road, you shall understand what I expect from Sheryl.
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