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Originally Posted by Orion
Pandering to the moe crowd has already started.
I know the pandering has already started, that's why I said I hope he doesn't for the final pairing

Originally Posted by Orion
Anyway back to the demographics, them look like otaku to me. It's nice to see some females in there
You said 13-15 year olds was the target base... that would be in the Teen section which has a 0.3%... and you said something about the time it was on... To Love Ru is has 3.2% share in that market so don't use the time slot as an excuse.. The M2 fanbase is probably old fans from prior series.. that's why To Love Ru is low in that area while another old series (manga) in Golgo is kinda high in that one.

Originally Posted by Herbert
What I dislike is how Westlo predicts the falling affects her. Over-protective I am maybe, I just can't imagine Sheryl mentally breakdown because of something this small. Sure, she may get a hard hit on self-esteem but I don't think it's enough to beat her down. It's more like giving her a drive to take another step up.
I don't think she will mentally breakdown, just become emotionally dependent on Alto and there's nothing wrong with that. When I find out why she values the earrings so much It will give me another clue as to what they will do with her. Is the earrings from her "Riber?", a family member? Someone who was like a sister to her? I think her lyrics from Diamond Crevesse gives an indication to what they will do with her too.

Originally Posted by ReddyRedWolf
Please people the music scene is big market both Ranka and Sheryl culd find their own nitch.

If you noticed that Sheryl encouraged Ranka in singing. To catch up to her.

Music and fame wont be their conflict Oh no.

It would be Alto.
Yeah even if Ranka become popular it's not like Sheryl would lose her fanbase in her home fleet of Macross Galaxy, like you said she's called the Galaxy Fairy for a reason.

Originally Posted by Orion
Of course, we don't know who Brera Sterne is yet. She just may be Sheryl's current competitor. I was wondering if that's Ranka's future stage name and image. She's seen at 27:10 in the Deculture edition.
Uh no just no lol... Souichiro Hoshi (Keiichi in Higuarshi, Kira Yamato in Gundam SEED, Kazuma in Scryed) is casted to voice Brera Sterne and going by the OP he's the main antagonist of this series for at least the first half. Pic posted by Nightengale in the VA thread on this forum.

Originally Posted by ani_d
I'm not familiar with the original Macross, but I'm guessing Misa was the first girl in the show and Minmei second, right? lol I don't think the LT will follow that previous set-up no matter how parallel things are. Where's the fun in that?
You see Minmei first, she's watching the air show where the main character does he stuff, later on you see Hikaru and his senpai Roy (think Ozma) admiring Minmei's swaying ass (Robotech cut this out!) as she walks away from them. Misa is just a commanding officer at the time and was harsh to Hikaru (with fair reason considering the circumstances) and Hikaru called her an old woman and their love/hate relationship started from that point and escalated as Hikaru joined the military. But Minmei was the main focus of Hikaru for the first half (Hikaru fights to protect Minmay at one stage, sound familiar?) and she still played the most important role out of all the characters in the show.

I don't see Kawamori giving Ranka the Minmay role and the guy, especially since Sheryl is listed 2nd on the cast order but that's just me.. we'll find out in 20.5 weeks unless they decide to pull a second season on us.

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