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Minorin suffered and suffers as much as Taiga but she somehow live with it(her background is mistery but we know that she has negative iopinion about her parents and she grabs every occasion to stay away from home).
And Ami is alone too. She had no one., because everyone admired her but their feelings were shallow. Now she has some ppl who like her as she is, so she has little problems now(but then the same can be said about Taiga considering the life...not her pain because of her love...The thing that Ami despite her earlier efforts is totally ignored by Ryuji can be pretty painfull too)
Even with a Ryuji X Minorin pairing they can still support Taiga.
And how not similar?
similar looks, similar violent tsundere-ness. Not to mention that Shana must deal with more sorrow(perhaps she's got a Wilhellmina and Alastor...but Taiga got Minorin as support. But somehow she can't help's the same mistery as the one with Nagissa in Clannad...she have her devoted loving's a mistery that they couldn't support her well...i mean to become strong. Why both of them needed a "boyfriend" for it?).
Perhaps there IS many things that not similar to Shana, but generaly she can be considered a "Shana-clone"(it's rude to call it that, but it i mean that Shana was maybe the first violent loli-tsundere with some domina's mnore like an archtype than direct copying tough) just as Louise.
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