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Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
There's usually some stipulation like how you can only have sex with someone two years older/younger than you.

18 is "fully legal" and it basically means adulthood in the "Western World".
Here, have some enlightenment on the variability of age of consent and what is "legal" in our 50 states ...
And then there's Canada:
Given the number of teens and 20-somethings on this forum, this subject seems remarkably confusing for many.

Back to Minori, she is like many Japanese youth -- they have direction and goal. "Love" at the wrong time can interfere with that. High school romances often fade on college entry -- distance makes it impossible (that was one of the big obstacles in Love*Com). If one chooses a college to be with the other, that places undue obligation on the other. Sumire has the same quandary - Minori is just another example of that. On the other hand, Ryuuji and Taiga do not seem to have expressed goals they're just riding the education conveyer belt.

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