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I think one of the problems is Hayate S1 fulfilled a missing arc in anime - the Simpsons/Futurama/King of the Hill/Etc style gag episodes where each episode is it's own thing. It's the approach where nobody grows and Bart & Lisa are in the same grade for hundreds of episodes and holidays they have been in. This is more common on US TV but rarely found in Anime (well, the ones that people talk about here - it probably exist but I haven't heard much about it).

Hayate S2 fulfills a more traditional manga + plot storyline + growing timeline approach more common in Anime. In a way, it's like a really long movie that last several episodes. I like it because the source manga is fun, but in a way, it lets down the fans who enjoyed the S1 approach of independent episodes.

They should have never done S1 the way they did it. However, since they did. If I had money, budget, etc...I probably would have 2 arc's - one spin off to the manga version and one which main purpose is to parody other stuff.
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