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Dedicated to Mr. J. Donne:

Pairwise Disjunct

Lay upon this heart a mordant squelch,
Iconic visage
Of cherished wealth.
There no design twists ill or sour,
Yet ev'ry pulse, repulsed -
Ev'ry hope devoured.

The livid wing, its sullied fetter;
Carrion shackles,
So much the better.
Pull closer still, ere I am left;
Efface your features,
A violent cleft.

Cascades of venom; great Etna's maw -
Sorely, acquiescent -
Here I withdraw.
You'd wish it not; you'd have me yet:
As a grov'ling husk,
A tormented pet!

But see now I goe, the captive sprung;
Our ties dissevered,
Our union shunn'd.
Ah! here a whispered kiss of scorn,
How like a dagger!
A piercing thorn!

Farewell! Farewell! O suckling horror;
Repine, now repent,
This grim disorder
Or tread the shores - the fiery swell -
With naked steps,
A boiling Hell!
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