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Originally Posted by Vanish View Post
Disagree wholeheartdely! Song-wise, that is.
Oh, song is nice. I agree with that. But, visually... Yea, could've been better.
I'm not saying that it's bad or anything, just that I liked OP1 more. Both song and visually-wise.

Originally Posted by Vanish View Post
And LOL one of my friends has a similar mentality... when I talked about an episode I found really good, he asked "so is there some nice fanservice in it?" and when I said no he was like "oh :l..." and went quiet.
Hahaha, your friend is funny.
May I ask for a way to contact him? We probably have one or two things in common...

Btw, considering the fact that Index (together with Railgun) has some of best quality fanservice moments out there (as an easy and quick trip to some Japanese imageboards can confirm), your friend might not be entirely wrong in his mindset...
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