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As for Fractale, its failures squarely rest on Yakaman's shoulders, which he has finally had the balls to admit. Source Sounds like neither has sold well.
I'll be the first to admit that I don't like what Fractale is turning into after getting all worked up over it, but please read the article you're quoting before bashing away. Yamamoto Koji is not Yamakan. I actually applaud Yamamoto Yutaka for sticking with it the way he did, but the show seriously needed a bigger budget and two cours, and it's ending in a pretty disappointing manner with the level of sophistication it has shown throughout the series. I guess I partially blame my expectations for that, but seeing AnimeSuki users grasping for straws, trying to make sense of the story and where it was heading, I imagine casual viewers and the Noitamina demographic found it completely baffling. I believe this wasn't Yamakan's intent.

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I think there's way too much focus on the age of the characters. Wouldn't a discerning adult viewer prefer a smart, involving series about a teenager over a dumb, boring one about an adult? Are we so incapable of empathy that we only want to watch series about people who look like us?
Why do you think garbage like Angel Beats!, K-ON! and OreImo sells? It's relatable to the yet undeveloped minds of the middleschool demographic.

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