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Well if this is the hint Kawamori was talking about (it's not confirmed) then the only thing open would be if Sheryl woke up because Alto returned (again, if dshootingstarb is actually the hint).
It's possible, because the song is super cheerful. At least is the proof that Sheryl is awake, because she's talking and she's singing. May'n called this the song about the Sheryl who experienced a lot and met a lot of people. Also said it was about her "relationship with Ranka." (I'm quoting here: "ランカちゃんとの関係も。"), in case shipper bias are called. :P

Also I read the quoted Japanese text, effectively, it says the "characters" appear in the ending roll as a hint. I guess he means Sheryl and Ranka (I haven't heard of Alto's appearance, so it could be speculated he returned or not, kinda open. He's alive at least?).

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hm...though the novel ending is also possible. Especially given the significance of the earring.
The light novel ending? I thought fans hated it...?

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