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Originally Posted by SidVicious View Post
I wonder if Kappei Yamaguchi will voice Kuma again.
Actually Kuma (or Teddie) 's VA is only suited for him when he is still in his suit, the voice in his bishie form sounds totally weird.

And the funny thing is, I have seen a couple of girls who picked up the game JUST BECAUSE OF TEDDIE after he removes his suit. And one of them is a fujoshi (I don't think you want to hear what she is complaining about in the game).

Also, I was wondering if this recent spate of Megaten releases (including the Innocent Sin PSP release in a few days) is due to Atlus being bought up by the pachinko company, and some of the fans and devs with connections to people in high places manage to do this as a last ditch homage to the Megaten series. Honestly speaking, I am starting to miss BOTH the Persona, Devil Summoner and original M10 series - I always thought the games, although with lousy mechanics, had a beyond top-of-the-line storytelling system. Even the ending of P3 made me cry (of course, I was dissed at FES because it is a blue-milk run through the Abyss).

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