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Hmm, at first I thought the fortune-teller's dad took her tarot card (she did say he had to much time on his hands and I thought maybe that was his way of telling her to get out and enjoy the festival) but with the go stones missing as well I guess there's a mystery afoot, somewhere.

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I would have never guessed that the priestess girl was such an instigator; you could tell she wanted that fight, and wasn't trying to hide it. In last episode, she appeared to be supportive and understanding of Mayaka's problem, just another good senpai like the Club President. And on that note, the president sure surprised me too! I also thought she would intervene and stop the arguing. I suppose wanting your club booth not to fail can turn even the kind ones into cunning sharks .
Same, makes me wonder if the other girls are all cosplaying Vocaloid because they wanted to or because they were all bullied into it.
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