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Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
Have to say this was a pretty fun episode. This arc is looking to be more pure entertainment compared to the last one.

The Quiz show was good fun and glad to see Satoshi actually getting up and contributing. I guess his planned events was enough to rouse him into action. Did a good job advertising the club and selling the mystery that Hyouka would reveal. If he can keep it up then it should go just fine. They haven't exactly made it easy to get a ton of people to buy it, but it's definitely a start.

The trading event for Houtarou continues as well. Though frankly the highlight of the event was him taking a look through Chitanda's pictures . Just couldn't help himself in checking those out. Of course did a poor job covering it up sicne he left the pictures beside the pile of stuff instead of inside it. Of course thanks to that guy stopping by to buy a copy of Hyouka he was thrown off and never remembered to put the pictures back. The reaction when Chitanda realized he'd taken a look at them was hilarious . Both of them left completely flustered. Definitely one of the best in episode examples of the potential of this pairing.

Interesting with the mystery continuing to build. Quite a few things getting taken and promised to bring back. Agree with the theory that it could be for a scavenger game. Of course taking stuff from people like that is a bit over the top. Just buy your own stuff to hide around .

New OP was pretty fun. Like the symbolism with the only ones seeing Houtarou being the club and Eru being the one to pull him out. His imagination is a great thing coming up with all that. Does show how he views the club and the people in it.

I'm betting this situation was a compromise. The annoying priestess girl probably wanted them to all go cosplay and just advertise the club. While Mayaka probably wanted to do a more serious review of manga and hand out those reviews to people. So going along the middle they probably went with cosplay while handing out reviews.
For someone that is from the manga club, cosplaying something not from a manga (that we can recognise) and forcing other people to cosplay generic famous characther which has nothing to do with manga (vocaloid) and never even read manga that was sold during the last Kanya, we can safely say she is never a fan of manga at all
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