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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
[shipper] You know, I was almost expecting Houtaro to swipe away one of Eru's pics... [/shipper]

Also, kinda interesting to see that Houtaro knows the exact model of the Glock. Hidden gun nut perhaps?
With Glock handguns, the model number is printed right on the side of the gun. Though, since he first thought it was an air gun he may, in fact, have a passing interest. Or maybe Chuck Norris his sister visited a gun shop in her world tour and mailed Houtarou a Glock brochure. You can never be too sure with the Orekis.

Anyway . . . in this episode of Hyouka:

Satoshi advertises!
Mayaka has a knock-down, drag-out brawl!
Chitanda has EPIC FAIL.
Houtarou makes another sale!

Other remarks:

In the Manga Society, they got some real instigators. Like that black-haired girl with the green eyes. And their fearless leader, President Enabler. And Mayaka sure tried hard not to make a scene. She gave an expression like she'd passed a cactus for all of five seconds before throwing down with her nemesis.

Other than that, I got nothing. But jury duty tomorrow. I've got that. Uh . . . seven scandalous pictures of Chitanda slacking off out of ten.
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