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Back to the cellphone thing...

Not particularly sure what the problem about the marrying the half-sister thing. I mean, I guess some personal reasons, but it seems the main reason is that if found out, it could lead to a scandal and mess up the company.

But it seems like anyone that would know is already dead. And it seems the Mika-group is a pretty old-fashioned type of group. In that aspect, business marriages is pretty common, and going to the point of marrying cousins to retain power in the group was done.

And so far, seems the candidates so far would make great business partners for the company.

Anyways, Sagara seemed to knock the books over to let the MC see the phone on purpose. Did the episode skip over some information, or did I just miss it or forget?

At the end of the episode, the MC finds out that Sagara closed down the cafe, and is moving back to america. To which he says something like, "Then the rumors about the sisters..."

huh? What rumors? This is the first I heard about any rumors, or it might be my mistake and I totally missed a scene while watching the episode.
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