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Originally Posted by MasterVampire View Post
So the sister kept ringing his phone and waking him up every morning so he is tired all the time....

He never though of turning off his phone? Putting it on silent? Leaving it in another room?
Sorry I gotta call bullshit on that lol
Originally Posted by Divini View Post
ep. 5:

I was wondering for most of the ep, why doesn't he just silence his cell?

With a smartphone like that, he can simply set it to silence unknown callers while he sleeps...
Because the plot demands that he not ignore his phone calls. That's right gentlemen, it's the plot's fault.

I wouldn't be too kind to answer that call, either, somehow that kind of plot device makes me cringe, I feel I need a Hidden Blade/Gun and watch my back a lot more often. Yet for some reason I'm still watching this
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