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I agree that they're good, but good lord I Roy is almost as rare as Hinata for me. Only gotten 2, one of which I fed to Nowi right when SI came out. So at best, I can give it to one of them. My Merric is already 5-star (and +ATK), but... he's Merric. My Boey has a meh/bad IV (+RES/-DEF), and FRobin would cost a ton of feathers between her own needs and the Gronnraven+.

Maybe if we get an Infernal tier Robin in the next Robin run, I might just make a 4-star+5. Maybe. That's basically a 5-star, but with the option for cheaper upgrades in the future.

The more runs of this Tempest Trial I do, the more I realize how doubling 39 speed (base 34 + 6 from Hone Cavalry + 4 from various Swifts) isn't cutting it. There's too many 40 and 41 speed enemies I keep encountering. I'm almost feeling like Darting Blow might be the way to go, as LaD still misses 41 doubles.

Just not sure if this is isolated or if this would carry over to Arena and the like as well.
I don't think it'd carry over to arena cause TT and GHB have highly inflated stats. You're also not getting to 740 aa(this is full of armors and dragons anyways) with horses or even close so i doubt you'll have to deal with heavily merged units

Have you tried the +1 speed seal?
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