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After subbing Brave Roy in for Xander for some PVE fights (A skill not withstanding, as I still can't decide which one I want to use long term), I've noticed that I've been pairing him with Lyn a lot more than expected. I figured I'd have Lyn glued to Priscilla, but lately been having Olwen stuck to her. Need to figure out if it's solely due to what C skills I have on each (all but Olwen have Hone Cavalry, Olwen has Ward) or if the way I use their assist skills is the primary factor.

Should probably 5-star one of these +Def/-SPD Reinhardts and level up Claire to get a secondary Horse Emblem team going for Arena Assault. Then it'd basically be an alternate version of the Xander/Olwen/Priscilla core that I've been using the past couple of months.
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