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Sophia is absolutely amazing. She's the best Raven tome user in the game. So good that she doesn't even NEED Triangle Adept to get good use out of it (though it certainly helps). She has equal to or higher higher attack, defense, and resistance (maybe HP too, I forget) than basically any other of the "good" Raven users. The only one that gives her a challenge is Cecilia when she's fully buffed by horse buffs, and even then it's debatable because Cecilia has pretty horrid defense.

As for that gacha luck... Ryoma is like a top 5 sword user depending on his IVs. Top 10 if we include "type" buffs (horse, etc). But really unless he's -Atk or -SPD, he'll be fine. Unfortunately, mine is -SPD, which makes him basically just a worse Ike rather than a different style of Ike.
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