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Originally Posted by Eisdrache View Post
Raven tomes simply aren't useful. I can count the actually used colorless units on one hand and that's if I cut a finger or two. Other tomes have proven far more useful in dealing with them. Add to that that Sophia is complete garbage outside of fighting colorless due to her glacial speed. For 1hit wonders there are Lilina and Sanaki who are barely used for similar reasons and for tanking there are much better options.
Who needs 1-hit wonders when you can tank a Hector, Ike, Titania, Nino, etc? And if you run Swordbreaker, she can even tank sword units. And her low speed is the best part, because why waste points in a stat that would be middling at best like the other Raven users?

Also, it doesn't matter how many colorless units are used. What matters is the frequency, and Bow Lyn and Bride Cordelia are pretty highly used. If you don't want to use her, or have other alternatives, that's fine. But she's not useless in any sense of the word and you should pay less attention to gamepedia tier lists.

Originally Posted by Eisdrache View Post
Why? You can do anything a raven tome can with any of the other popular tomes - and get better results.
Use a non-Raven tome on a magic user and see how much damage you take from Bow Lyn. Hint: with a Raven tome you take like 3 damage.
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