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Originally Posted by judasmartel View Post
This, precisely. In addition, this setup could give the first five a rest since they could get exhausted rather quickly.
It's the author's fault for setting it up because I think Subaru must have scouted some girls who have the potential to be on the team rather than just focusing on the 5, knowing the situation that the team is in. Instead the 5th graders might be handed to him just like that.
Now that's why I was thinking that a second big guy (or girl, in this case) for Keishin could make them Game Breakers. They are indeed primary school kids, so Airi is an exception rather than the norm for her age.
Having a big girl would eliminate the mismatch at the PF spot. That doesn't necessarily make them broken. Subaru probably wants to have a fast lineup so he placed Maho at PF.
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