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Hopefully the show will go back to the quality of the first four episodes.
I'm thankful they returned to normal art after episode five, but yeah, there are a lot of odd inconsistencies with the animation, from extended fade transitions to awkward anatomy to odd color and lighting choices.

I'm also worried about the narrative at this point. I wanted to give it a few more episodes, but there are some serious gaps in time that make some scenes play out strangely. A good example is the canoe scene. They were so worried about him killing them, and then it just jumps to the next scene and everything is fine. In a show about characters, this just seems like a really strange thing - shouldn't we at least get an explanation as to why he didn't follow through? Or is this one of those "implied" things you see often in Japanese stories where the audience is supposed to just "get" what is going on due to something impressed upon earlier? For example, maybe he spared them because they saved his life? Dunno though, because no one mentions it. Not even Squealer, who seems to be acting like he's not telling the kids something when they reunite at the shoreline of the river. Another example, the opening. LSD trip out of nowhere, not explained at all, and it really just felt like an excuse to give Satoru his powers back.

Don't get me wrong, I still find every episode incredibly engrossing, and the time flies by, but the choppiness of the narrative bothers me. Even if they do cover most or all of the novel's key points, it just feels like something is missing, sometimes.

This isn't meant to compare the novel and anime, but rather I'm just putting my opinion out there that the anime's plot "flow" just doesn't seem all that smooth. Kazu used this phrase earlier, but it feels like the plot is pushing the characters and not the other way around.
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