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I started watching, because I'd heard about the first series and I watched it all in like 2 days, I just fell in love with it instantly. Ever since then, I sort of became obsessed with just how relaxing, cute, funny and just the overall amazingness of the show.

No matter how bad I was feeling, no matter what I was doing or how annoyed I was at something. I could always just sit and watch Keion and forget about all of it, it's just such a lovely, lovely show and It's easily now my favourite anime (used to be Clannad). The music, the scene, the comradery and more importantly the characters really made this show for me. Yui, Azusa, Mio, Tsumugi, Ritsu, Sawako, I'll miss all of your characters when you're gone.

It's kind of sad really that it's a possibility after the end of this series they'll never make any more, but at least I can always watch the DVD's, stare at the lovely merchandise I own, listen to the CD's and most importantly, actually buy and read the manga since I haven't even started it yet and where I'll translate it all myself, it'll take a while.

So yeah Keionbu, you'll live on forever in my heart as my favourite anime.
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