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Just chiming in to reiterate that getting confirmation from a native Japanese speaker on that last line would be greatly appreciated.

I heard it two ways. The first I'm pretty sure is wrong (but would appreciate confirmation), and was "fusageteru wa ne" (塞げてるはね). The meaning of the verb (塞ぐ/fusagu, block/obstruct) fits really well with the "Menma's mom is evil/scary" theory, but if that grammar's not just outright wrong the meaning would be pretty weird (and I can't remember having ever seen it).

Second time I heard it as "ふざけてるはね" (fuzaketeru wa ne), like everyone else (well almost like everyone else, I keep hearing "wa ne" not "yo ne"). That seems right, and I do have a tendency to mishear voiced as unvoiced and vice-versa.

But if that's right: it seems like she's saying that affectionately to Menma, and not about Jinta's friends? Like the dialog is essentially "Menma, it seems like Jinta and his friends sure are doing all kinds of things on your behalf. *Pause*. You're goofing around, right?", with the same affection as when she described Menma as a bit of an airhead.

roankun: I think Yukiatsu might actually be the one who believes the most for the reason you said; all the rest seem to be just going along with it for various reasons. But, b/c Tsuruko somehow had that old hairclip she would've probably seen what happened with Menma and Yukiatsu, so it's very possible that when she gave Jinta his "mission" she also told Jinta about the hairclip (and what to tell Yukiatsu).
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