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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
That was the best episode in a long time. A nice break from all the drama. We needed a breather, and this episode was perfect.
I totally agree.

I had joked to a couple fellow anime fans almost a week ago that I wished that we could somehow "trade" 10% of Anohana's drama to HanaSaku Iroha for 10% of HanaSaku Iroha's lightheartedness, as I felt that would make both shows even better.

Well, judging by the last episode of each show, maybe such a trade actually happened, lol.

The overall balance for both shows improved markedly over this past week, in my opinion.


I've started that despite how cute she is (and she really was adorable in this episode), I don't really care about Menma herself. I'm far more interested in Jinta, Anal, Yukiatsu and Tsukurou. I like Poppo too, but the poor dude's such a fifth wheel

The thing with Menma is that, ghost or hallucination, she is dead, and she's not coming back to life (I hope not, anyway, as a twist of that magnitude would probably be more than I could swallow, lol).

Since she's not coming back to life, I'm more interested in how the story ends for the rest of the Super Peace Busters, as I hope that they all achieve at least somewhat happy endings.

The two (potential) romances in particular (Jintan/Anaru, and Yukiatsu/Tsukurou) are the subplots that interest me the most.


I really really loved all the Jintan x Anal moments. It feels great to see them gradually get closer; although at this point, rather than getting closer, it would be more accurate to say they are going back to the way they were.
Good point.

Kind of wish Jinta hadn't started calling her Anal again though. That is such a terrible nickname
Do you know what Jinta calls Anaru when she displays a very good memory?

Anal Retentive.

... I'll be here all days, folks!

It was also good to see Jinta work so hard for Menma. This episode showcased why he was the leader of their group: he cares about others, is a hardworker, and isn't afraid to stand up to others to protect his friends, even if it means getting himself into troubles (total opposite of Yukiatsu ).
In fairness to Yukiatsu, he did come to Anaru's rescue.

I'm sure Yukiatsu knows about her feelings. However, since he still hasn't forgotten about Menma and therefore can't respond to them, he's trying not to address the issue for the time being. I think he likes her a lot too, but as long as he can't move past Menma, he can't get with her.
I think Yukiatsu is open to a relationship with Tsukurou, but he wants to take it slow, hence him suggesting a date that's not quite a date. Tsukurou probably wants something a bit more definitive than that, though.

I seriously doubt that is her wish. Seems kind of pointless to make those fireworks now that Jinta's mother is dead anyway...
This is slated for 11 episodes, right? So 4 more to go after this one. Probably too much time to stretch out the fireworks plotline if shooting off fireworks ends up being the climax of the entire anime.

So, yeah, based on that I agree with you. Her wish is likely something else. But I do think that the fireworks thing will bring them closer to whatever it actually is.


The wish will most likely have to do with what she wanted to tell the gang. She intended to keep Jinta out of the loop, so I'm guessing it was a present for him or something along those lines.
It would be funny - cheesy, perhaps, but really funny - if the climax to this all is going through with a several years old plan for a surprise birthday party for Jinta and everything coincides with his actual birthday in the present.

Originally Posted by Haak View Post
Agree with this completely but I also want to add that it was also great seeing Tsuruko and Yukiatsu interact more aswell. I wouldn't mind them getting together either.
I would have mentioned that as well, except the subs led me astray. They led me astray by what theBlue brought up here...

Originally Posted by _theBlue View Post
Apparently I saw this on the site I'm watching AnoHana

” Plus, it’s kind of tiring to be around you.” but that’s not what Tsuruko meant… she said “It’s very hard to keep up with you”. She studies hard to be close to Yukiatsu, but the translator didn’t understand that. It was a sweet moment to show how much Tsuruko cares about Yukiatsu but the sub ruined it.
I just love Yukiatsu and Tsuruko together. And I'm srsly torn between Jinta/Anaru and Jinta/Menma. D;
When I read Tsuruko say "Plus, it's kind of tiring to be around you" that immediately made me think of something Makoto Ito once said about someone in School Days, and, well, let's just say that raised serious red flags for me.

But knowing what Tsuruko actually meant there, I'm fully onboard with Yukiatsu/Tsuruko myself now.

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