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Originally Posted by _theBlue View Post
...I just love Yukiatsu and Tsuruko together. And I'm srsly torn between Jinta/Anaru and Jinta/Menma. D;
Menma is dead, so eventually it will be Jinta/Anaru, whatever happens. Menma finally leaving the scene will also be good for Yukiatsu/Tsuruko. Not that I want her to be dead.

I liked what they did with this episode, but the fact that there is little likelihood that the fireworks were Menma's real wish still grates on me. They just jumped on the first thing they saw in the diary, rather than reading the whole thing. I know it's all to set up the drama, but it seems so artificial. In a fairly realistic show like this, lack of realism in the details matters.

I think it's a possibility that Menma's dad misses her even more than the mum, so he can't even bear to have her stuff around. And whether or not he was Menma's dad, it would have been hard for him to approve of illegally involving under-18s in making fireworks.
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