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Aside from that last line of dialog, this episode did have what for me is the saddest scene for me in this series so far: the scene where Jinta comes back and Menma's made him the raisin steamed bread. While they're eating Menma and Jinta both more-or-less lie to each other, more-or-less know the other is telling a lie, and more-or-less decide to go along with it to keep the other happy.

Saddest thing I've seen so far in this show, and it it makes me think Jinta's not going to wind up apologizing to Menma until it's "too late" (eg: right as or just after Menma's vanished / gone-to-heaven). Instead, he'll just get wrapped up in trying to grant her her wish and avoid making her sad and won't remember.

At least there's a balance, b/c seeing the contents of Menma's diary were by far the funniest thing for me so far. Such a comically anticlimactic revelation. It's easy to see why Menma's mom thought she was a bit of an airhead.

Also: is anyone else getting the sense this show's been "cut down" from an original story outline that was longer (eg: 13 episodes, or even a full 2-cour)? It's not a complaint, just a feeling.

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