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I liked what they did with this episode, but the fact that there is little likelihood that the fireworks were Menma's real wish still grates on me. They just jumped on the first thing they saw in the diary, rather than reading the whole thing. I know it's all to set up the drama, but it seems so artificial. In a fairly realistic show like this, lack of realism in the details matters.
They already pointed out that most of her diary entries consist of the same line and that she isn't the greatest in written language. I'm fairly positive she didn't write about the day she wanted to meet everyone except Jinta, since that day was the day she died. As already pointed out, she isn't someone who writes detailed entries anyway. It seems silly to spend precious screentime on them analyzing the diary when it's easier to infer that it's full of fluff.

You might infer that the fireworks isn't Menma's wish in the end, but they don't. It seems pretty obvious in their point of view, since they even went out of their way to design the fireworks, and it had a clear purpose: the fireworks was supposed to cheer up Jinta's mother. It's a more plausible wish than catching Nokemon at any rate. If you really want to blame the writers, blame the fact that Jinta is reluctant to discuss with Menma about her wish.

PS. The amount of Tsuruko x Yukiatsu fans in here is disturbing my inner fangirl. Anaru x Jinta for eva!
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