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Originally Posted by night_sentinel View Post
The match is heating up.

Spoiler for Satoha vs. Yuuki:
Full scans are out, and here's what happens:


Anyways, this was a really exciting chapter! Mahjong actions here are the best.

For those wondering what will Naruka do, just keep in mind that Usuzan had only managed to catch up to Rinkai AFTER the sergeant match so Usuzan's strong players are at the last few spots. That doesn't mean Naruka would be a pushover as she is Usuzan's ace.

Oh! Here's a very good analysis of the round by an /a/non:

Spoiler for Satoha time:

Unrelated but interesting to note: It seems that Himematsu is low on skilled players currently. Kyouko originally wanted to be the team's strategist but the shortage of skilled players left her with no choice but to fight. This is the reason why Ikune took Kyouko's advice on Suzu and Kinue.
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