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Originally Posted by Serperior View Post

Anyways, this was a really exciting chapter! Mahjong actions here are the best.

For those wondering what will Naruka do, just keep in mind that Usuzan had only managed to catch up to Rinkai AFTER the sergeant match so Usuzan's strong players are at the last few spots. That doesn't mean Naruka would be a pushover as she is Usuzan's ace.
I really like how Yuuki improved gradually in this tournament. Even if she can't outright beat the other school's aces she is doing a respectable job.

About Naruka, it is possible that she is the ace of Usuzan. But we don't have any solid proof yet. After all, while it is customary in the present for the ace to be in the vanguard position many teams still put their aces in other position. Like for example Himematsu who put their ace in chuuken, Shindouji who put their ace in the fuku-taisho and taisho position.

Nonetheless, I do agree that the stronger players of Usuzan may be further on the back of their lineup. Their chuuken, fuku-taisho and taisho has a very good chance of being scary. After all, Hayarin must have seen something about them. Right?
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