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That was a perfect episode. It cemented Satsuki as my favorite character.

Satsuki has acknowledged her past mistakes and apologized to Ryuuko. The two of them are finally reconciled and seem to be starting to see each other as siblings. Satsuki is now calling Ryuuko by her first name and Ryuuko almost called her nee-chan! Daww, it's really heartwarming. That's exactly what I wanted to see. The two of them have come such a long way, especially Satsuki who displayed a lot of growth in this episode. Unfortunately, they may not get another chance to bond further, as Satsuki raised some serious death flags...

Seeing the four devas protect Satsuki and then relax with her was very nice too. They're indeed her closest "awkward" friends. The croquette scene was great too, never thought all those characters would be happily eating together at the start of the series.

Banchou Mako returning was a very nice surprise. I had given up on it at this point. Can't wait to see her kick some ass alongside her future husband Gamagoori.
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