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Originally Posted by herbert View Post
When does Alto lie to her in ep4? or you mean ep6 instead?
Good catch. I did mean ep. 6. ^_^ I changed it.

Originally Posted by herbert View Post
If you do mean ep6, what do you want her to say? Ranka deliberately lies and Alto is forced to lie, but you think Alto is the only one should feel guilty? She doesn't deserves an honest answer in the first place.
Uh, yes, Ranka deserves an honest answer especially if it's something that's supposed to be no big deal. Everyone knows/will know he was with Sheryl eventually. He didn't really have to lie. I also don't see Why Ranka should feel guilty here. =/ Whatever did she do to Alto that should make her feel guilty? If you look at her POV, she had a fight with her brother, searched around for Alto's advice, pulled herself together believing Alto's on her side only to witness that her idol already got her hands on him. All she could do was back off, hence, why she never told him that she got discovered---despite the fact that it was because of him that she made it. If she could've straight up asked Alto why he was with Sheryl, then she could've felt better about everything. Afterall, they're just friends and Sheryl's her idol. It wouldn't be unnatural if she did ask. I wish she could've done that, but this just proves, Ranka lacks the initiative to express herself.

Originally Posted by C.A
I'm quite certain that Grace is the one behind Brera and that's her real voice. She probably uses a higher pitched voice when she's around Sheryl.
If Grace really is connected to Brera, then doesn't that mean Sheryl will be involved or already involved unknowingly in this Vajra business? Grace wouldn't hang out with her for no reason.
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