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Originally Posted by herbert View Post
Give us a break, sir. We know you don't understand Sheryl and you never try to understand her. You don't need to remind us over and over again.
She can be all things to all people. She can be a bitch, she can be a weepy sympathetic victim of circumstance, she can be fun loving as she plays with livestock and giant dinnerware, she's a performer that puts everything into concerts, and she be a headstrong, take-things-head-on girl, that drives her own destiny.

In short, she's too many things. Put her in a VF and it's game-f-ing-over.

She'll need an amazing and plausible backstory to justify her character, and until then, I maintain that she's full of it.

Originally Posted by TwilightHack View Post
lol, acting accordingly to a situation requires at least some forethought... so she can't be that empty headed as you imply.
Not true. Personal experience, creativity, and an acting ability can easily compensate for total lack of thought.

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