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Originally Posted by Wesley84 View Post
She'll need an amazing and plausible backstory to justify her character, and until then, I maintain that she's full of it.
Keeping that in mind, don't jump to hasty conclusions about her character. That's like saying a book is bad because you haven't read it.

Originally Posted by Wesley84 View Post
Not true. Personal experience, creativity, and an acting ability can easily compensate for total lack of thought.
Its called "thinking on the fly" or "winging it" as some people might say.

I agree that's 'somewhat' true, but regardless, my statement was made in conjunction with the 2nd half of my post. Holding that phrase to itself is pretty much worthless in this case, even I know that much.

Not to mention, if you read her blog it's already shown that she's has a bit of depth to her. No one with lack of forethought gives the time of day to deeper meaningful past experiences.

I suppose this my fault though, I tried my hand at sarcasm and failed.

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