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Going back to the topic.

I can hardly tell what Sheryl is thinking most of the time, can you? I've been trying to figure out what's going through her mind everytime she gives someone "that" look (especially when it concerns Ranka). It's obviously a look of contemplation but what kind? There's a wide range of things it could be but yeah...

All I know is that she's a lot more deeper than she lets on and perhaps thats what I love about her. When it comes to her work she's serious, motivated, and determined... maybe to the point where she's seen as rude. But under all that we see another side of her, a girl, playful and caring, even a little insecure at times.

She's a wonderful character full of depth and potential. Simply put, she rocks.
Sheryl is a woman who knows what she wants and does exactly what she intends to do. She's a confident woman and she goes for things without hesitation. Sheryl knows how to approach a situation and go along with it without failure. At the same time, she's also deep and caring, and to Ranka she's a woman of experience and a role model. Sheryl knows Ranka looks up to her, and she does exactly what she needs to do: she provides moral support for Ranka and doesn't feed her fame. She's also after Alto, so at the same time Ranka is a bit of a threat to her. But she's confident that she can win him over. Personally, I think she probably will win him over, and I can say that with confidence after he mounted her earring in his cockpit, which was promptly destroyed...
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