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Originally Posted by Wesley84 View Post
So much for that "all natural" appeal.
Heh. I believe that the "all natural" part was in reference to her body .

Originally Posted by Wesley84 View Post
So spouting useless rehtorical nonsense while accusing the people you're appealing to for help of being cowards for being concerned for their own lives is a "brave front"? It was a very unprofessional interview for a professional and important setting.
Not quite. It's a matter of confronting someone who wanted to prey on insecurity as an excuse for not helping out - doing exactly as the Frontier government asked of her. Most of the time, a brave front will help out much more than the alternative.

Originally Posted by Wesley84 View Post
Did she or didn't she actually join the class? Is she bullshitting the public at large into believeing that she's actually going to become a pilot?
She did, but as we can see with the film crews that follow her around, it's largely a publicity stunt. Whether Sheryl is actually interested in being a pilot is still up in the air, but I lean towards "no".
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